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Ubuntu 10.04: Some Screenshots

These are some screenshots of an Ubuntu 10.04 installation on VMware Fusion 3.  Once 10.10 comes out, we’ll post screenshots of those as well. Tweaking the resolution on the VM as done before, we can get a nice workspace:

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Static IPs From DHCPD In VMware Fusion

Most of my virtual machines for VMware Fusion use NAT for networking to avoid conflicts with external IPs.  However, by default, you only get dynamically assigned IPs albeit almost the same IP for each VM you run.  What I want

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Installing CentOS 5.4 on VMware Fusion 3

For those of us who have Macs, it is really useful to be able to run virtual machines loaded with other operating systems.  VMware Fusion 3 is one product that enables us to run another OS within Mac OS X.

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